Elena DelCarlo
Head of PR / Media Relations Fondation Beyeler

Elena DelCarlo has been with the Fondation Beyeler since 2012 and is our Head of PR / Media Relations.

Artwork selection

Krug in Form eines Selbstbildnisses
Jug in Form of a Head, Self-Portrait, 1889
Oviri, 1894
Das letzte Selbstporträt
Self-Portrait, 1903
Dou venons nous
Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, 1898
Der Verlust der Unschuld oder Frühlingserwachen
The Loss of Virginity, 1890
Parau api (What’s New?), 1892
Bathers, 1902
Contes Barbares
Primitive Tales, 1902
Das weisse Pferd
The White Horse, 1898
Die unberührte Kindfrau Judith_neu
Aita tamari vahine Judith te parari (The Child-Woman Judith Is Not Yet Breached), 1893
Arearea (Joyousness (I)), 1892
The Vision of the Sermon, 1888
Frau mit Fächer
Woman with a Fan, 1902
Rupe rupe (The Fruit Harvest), 1899
Geheimnisvolles Wasser
Pape moe (Mysterious Waters; Mysterious Source), 1893

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